We are living in a leadership vacuum

Martin port

By Martin Port

25 August 2022

What good are politicians if they do nothing while this country struggles? 

I look around me and I see many anxious people, worried about the financial hardships winter will bring, with no support in sight. 

The papers are full of terrifying news and predictions: the UK is heading for the worst financial crisis since 2008; interest rate hikes are the highest they have been for 27 years; inflation is estimated to hit 18% next year; energy bills could soar to more than £3,600 a year; half of UK households will be in fuel poverty by January.

Where is our Prime Minister? Why isn’t he using these last days in the office to help people? To support the vulnerable? Instead, he has said that it’s a job for the future Prime Minister. In our time of need, he is washing his hands of us all. 

At a local level, many organisations are doing their bit. While I was in Ipswich this week visiting a More Life Weight Management class taking place at the Castle Hill Community Centre I noticed they have launched the “warm bank” – a place in the centre where people who can’t afford to heat their homes can come and keep warm.

At BigChange, we implemented a cost of living increase in March to help colleagues who were at risk of financial pressure. 

Why can’t today’s political leaders use some common sense?

Why can’t Boris Johnson and his two potential successors, Liz Truss and Rishi Sunak, all meet to thrash out a plan right now? Surely they can come to an agreement on how to best serve the people – it all seems so obvious to me.

Energy bills this winter should be means tested. People like me, who can afford it, will pay full whack to help support those who would otherwise freeze all winter long. Or they could introduce a windfall tax on the exceptional profits that these energy companies are set to make.

All it takes is a quick Cobra meeting and all these individuals could show the British public that they have our best interests at heart, that they are willing to put aside their political differences for the greater good. We have had to put up with all manner of slights – dare I say, Partygate?

It’s time for the ruling elite to show us they can use the power they wield for good.

I guess that’s too much to hope for?

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