Supercharging sales for BigChange customers with the help of Rated People

Martin port

By Martin Port

3 November 2022

BigChange was created with a single vision: to help our customers grow and become more successful than they could on their own.

It’s been humbling to see that vision become reality over the past few years. We know that our customers are also now more efficient, more resilient, and greener because of our platform.

This is why I am so proud to announce that we have just launched another innovation that I hope will bring even more success to our customers. We have created a unique partnership with Rated People, the trades marketplace, which will dynamically offer leads to BigChange customers. 

This feature has been included into BigChange as standard and offers a user-friendly way to buy verified new business leads from within the platform without having to log in to Rated People separately.

SES Home Services

SES Home Services, which has been a BigChange customer for five years, is the first company to utilise this new feature. SES Home Services is a home emergency insurance provider, part of the water utility SES Water, which serves parts of Surrey, Sussex, Kent and southeast London. It now receives dynamic leads from appropriate postcodes for plumbing, heating and drainage work. 

Peter Holmwood, interim managing director at SES Home Services, says that this new service has the potential to supercharge growth.

“We can really see the value in this relationship,” he says. “Every lead that we buy from Rated People is a genuine opportunity. In the current climate, we want to ensure that every pound of marketing spend is targeted and the return on investment of these leads is very attractive.

“With other marketing tools such as pay-per-click advertising, you don’t know whether the right people will see the ad or click through,” he continues. “This feature offers more certainty than most, and if your offering is fairly priced and you have excellent customer reviews, as we do, it can be an extraordinary business generator.”

BigChange a business builder

I hope that SES Home Services will be the first of many customers to use this service to bring in new business – this is often work that they will have been totally unaware of without the Rated People platform. 

According to Peter, this innovation cements BigChange’s role as a business builder.

“BigChange has revolutionised the business,” he says. “We love that we can benefit from the learnings drawn from multiple industries through the platform and that BigChange never stops developing and improving the system. We have improved our first-time fix rates so that we now beat the industry average. We have also improved our planning processes using the insights the platform collects around travel times and job durations.”

At BigChange, we are always looking for new and better ways to help our customers. It’s an ongoing process – and we never rest on our laurels.

All credit to the team here and our partners at Rated People for making this happen. I can’t wait to see the impact it creates.

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