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Port’s Thoughts

Martin Port writes a weekly blog, giving his thoughts on everything from entrepreneurial success to the secret to keeping customers happy.


Read his latest blogs below. You can also read a compilation of his blogs in PDF form here.




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Leaders: don’t be taken in by the sunk cost fallacy

There have been times in my life when I have spent a chunk of change on a project, only to realise that I’ve bought the wrong technology or gone down a blind alley.

An Image of Here’s how UK business can fight rising costs

Here’s how UK business can fight rising costs

As petrol prices hit 150p a litre, mortgage repossessions shoot up 15%, and economists warn that the UK is heading towards a contraction in the current quarter, business owners are forgiven for feeling the jitters.

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Humans, not chatbots, should deal with points of friction in your business

I’m passionate about technology. Automation and machine learning are amazing at taking care of the grunt work in every business, creating leaner, more streamlined organisations.

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What the Boston Red Sox can teach us about football (and business)

The Boston Red Sox are one of the giants of US baseball.

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Here’s the thing about high performance teams…

As leaders, our most important – and hardest – task is to motivate our people.

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Entrepreneurs: the sun is out but this is your time to shine

I visited a school as part of a prize-giving ceremony this week, and at the end the headmaster told the children to enjoy their summer break

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Record-breaking six months for BigChange

As entrepreneurs, it is vital to take the time to reflect on the performance of your business.

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Time for a cuppa sustainabili-tea?

If you have never been to Yorkshire and sat in a Bettys tea room or sipped a piping hot cup of Taylors’ Yorkshire tea, these are two of the region’s most beloved brands.

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Ignore the tech and your early-stage business will fail

In 2023, the survival of most businesses depends on technology.

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How I finally learned to sleep

In my twenties and thirties, I survived on 4 hours sleep a night. In my forties I would get five hours.

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