Paul Clark Service (PCS) Fleet Engineers Drive BigChange

Martin port

By Martin Port

20 June 2018

Paul Clark Services Ltd (PCS), the No 1 provider of specialist engineering support services, is deploying a 5 in 1 system from BigChange to transform the management of its field service operations.

Combining computerised job scheduling with real time tracking and a series of mobile apps, PCS plan to use the cloud-based JobWatch system to replace existing software and paper-based systems.

PCS has a team in excess of 120 engineers servicing mainly the bus and coach industry and the company is a ZF UK Service Partner and supports Cummins UK, providing diagnostics, servicing and repair and replacement services. The Wiltshire-based company also provide bespoke engineering support to bus and coach manufacturers such as Wrightbus and Alexander Dennis.

PCS currently has 30 engineers equipped with tablets as part of a phased implementation that is expected to see a complete switch in the near future. JobWatch offers a wide range of apps to eliminate paper work sheets, time sheets and vehicle inspection reports. The mobile apps are all linked in real time to the BigChange back office management software that offers a management complete solution for tasks such as asset management, job scheduling and customer service.

PCS commented:

“BigChange will help play its part in supporting the business”.

“We provide around 5500 to 6000 hours of engineering support each week with customers all over the UK. Managing all Paul Clark Services mobile engineers to ensure the right person gets to the right place on time takes an enormous amount of time and we knew we had outgrown our existing systems.”

Most of PCS engineers are dedicated sub-contractors which made the BigChange solution very appealing to PCS. As a cloud-based system, PCS engineers can immediately access the JobWatch apps anywhere anytime using their own devices. Live tracking also means that the PCS office has full visibility of their movements including arrival and departure from site times.

PCS commented:

“With the apps we have real time and accurate information coming back and we can send jobs automatically to an engineer rather than having to call them”.

“We can see that the BigChange solution will dramatically change the way we work by replacing the present manual systems. By eliminating paperwork and switching to app based scheduling and reporting, we will see significant business administrative improvements. That means we’ll be able to expand freely and focus more time on delivering the best service.”

PCS engineers are using their devices for daily checks on their vans, eliminating paper reports. They can also capture time-stamped photographs that are linked to the inspection reports and can be used to record any incidents.

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