GAP transforms business with a BigChange to mobile operations

Martin port

By Martin Port

4 September 2018

GAP Hire Solutions has equipped 400 of its drivers with tablets as the first part of the roll out of a 5-in-1 management solution from BigChange.

Called JobWatch, the cloud-based system incorporates a range of mobile apps with live tracking and job scheduling. It also links in real time to GAP’s back office systems, such as their central hiredesk, CRM and financial system.

Mark Emery, GAP’s Systems Development Manager, commented:

“The BigChange solution is transforming the way we work by eliminating lots of cumbersome paper forms. The live data feeds to our central systems will result in significant benefits to the business by providing complete management visibility of our operations across the entire depot network.”

“This visibility means that for the first time we will be able to manage the entire business nationally, allowing for example, the sharing of plant and equipment between depots. We foresee JobWatch providing significant improvements in utilisation, efficiency and customer service.”

The mobile apps include electronic signature capture with proof of delivery (POD) and proof of collection (POC) records automatically uploaded onto GAP’s Smart Office system. This eliminates calls to depots as all information will be available for everyone immediately online. Ultimately GAP’s customers will have the ability to access records of their hires themselves.

The first phase of implementation sees 400 delivery drivers equipped with Samsung tablets and later GAP will extend the system to 200 customer service fitters. Delivery and collection jobs are sent directly to tablets that sit in dashboard cradles and can be quickly detached for signature capture, taking photographs and even completing vehicle checks.

Emery added:

“This new technology is going to make life a lot easier for staff and customers alike.”

“It will provide immediate and clear evidence detailing when our drivers turn up on site. An electronic signature will provide proof that equipment was delivered or collected – when and where.”

The devices have in-built data messaging and satellite navigation that automatically routes vehicles to their destination. GAP’s customer services will be able to see the exact location of every vehicle in real time to keep customers informed of ETAs and work with the driver to ensure the correct drop-off location.

The devices can be used to take time stamped and georeferenced photographs. This photo capture is also useful to provide evidence of arrival onsite and to record damage to plant. “In addition to the environmental benefits of reducing paper with JobWatch, we will be able to bill hires more quickly and with less invoice queries. If a charge is questioned we’ll be able to answer the question immediately as the data will be online,” Emery added.

Martin Port, CEO, BigChange commented:

“We are delighted to be working with GAP and looking forward to help them drive BigChange.”

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