BigChange Passes the Big Test as Eurofins Transforms Logistics

Martin port

By Martin Port

8 November 2018

Eurofins, the international analytical testing company, is employing the latest mobile and cloud technology to transform its logistics operation.

The company has begun rolling out a 5 in 1 system from BigChange that integrates mobile and back office apps to provide live operational control of a fleet of 50 Eurofins vans that collect food and water samples from clients across the UK.

Called JobWatch, the BigChange system automates processes with digital workflows that replace traditional paperwork. Eurofins has invested in the complete end-to-end solution combining vehicle tracking and mobile apps, connected to back office CRMrouting and job scheduling.

Chris Evans, Head of Logistics Food & Water at Eurofins, comments:

“Eurofins is an acquisitive company and expanding fast in the UK and internationally. That creates real challenges for management when looking to integrate different operations with their legacy IT and varying procedures,”

“Introducing BigChange technology company-wide is very important as it will allow us to centralise our fleet operations as well as standardising working practices across all regions.”

Eurofins a respected world leader in bioanalytical testing with a global network of 250 laboratories across 40 countries. BigChange is being introduced initially within the Food and Water division that tests mainly potable water and products from food manufacturers.

Evans added:

“Eurofins became aware of BigChange following the acquisition of Exova in 2016, who had successfully implemented JobWatch. With the growing business we faced a real challenge to get everyone working as a team and it quickly became clear that BigChange provided the solution. It will provide one system for all allowing for centralised planning and national coordination.”

Eurofins is equipping its 50 drivers with rugged Samsung tablets that replace traditional paper trip sheets. On arrival at customer sites or collection points, drivers use the tablets to enter details of samples being collected. Collection and handling requirements vary and are very critical, for example should a sample be transported in the ambient or chilled compartment of the van.

Evans continued:

“Digital workflows have been set up in JobWatch to ensure the correct procedures are followed and that is vital when dealing with food products and water.”

Eurofins will use BigChange back office functions, such as CRM, job scheduling and routing, to manage everything from order to collection and customer service. The fleet is also being fitted with BigChange vehicle tracking which not only provides live monitoring of the fleet but useful driver performance monitoring.

BigChange Eurofins van

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