BigChange Network Gives SES Home Services Fast Track to Expansion

Martin port

By Martin Port

15 July 2021

Home services company SES Home Services is undertaking a business-wide digital transformation project using mobile workforce management technology from BigChange.

Having first implemented the cloud-based, 5-in-1 solution in 2018, SES Home Services is looking to extend the geographical coverage of its domestic plumbing, heating, and drainage business whilst also expanding the type of services it can offer with the use of the BigChange Collaboration Network.

Part of the single platform CRM, Job Scheduling, Mobile App, Tracking and Customer Portal, the BigChange Collaboration Network provides a secure and private environment for businesses to connect with other businesses who also use BigChange.

Using the Network, SES Home Services has already formed several partnerships enabling it to serve a diverse customer base over a range of trade services. With SES Home Services, its new partners and existing contractors, all using the same reporting platform, the customer receives a seamless service and management has total visibility of the mobile operation. SES Home Services hopes to build on this use of the Network to fulfil its ambition of delivering field services across a wider geography, whilst establishing itself as a first-class customer service provider.

Peter Holmwood, Customer Services Director at SES Home Services commented:

“We experienced new pressures and circumstances driven by lockdown and the restrictions that were imposed.”

“So, we turned to the BigChange Network to find new partners we could work with. The benefits of working with an existing BigChange user are instant as systems link together to provide real-time updates and sharing of worksheets, solving a number of customer-facing issues as well as allowing us to capture customer feedback about our contractor network for the first time.”

During the initial COVID lockdown SES Home Services experienced a 50 per cent reduction in workload, additional pressures were also placed on the workforce with extended PPE checks as well as the introduction of no-touch signatures and worksheets.

Holmwood continued:

“BigChange also helped us to respond to the challenges we faced during lockdown by way of implementing timesheet and worksheet activities, enhanced health and safety checks as well as no-touch signatures and utilising the BigChange University training sessions”.

“As we come out of lockdown and revert to BAU we are looking to expand, both in terms of geographical coverage and service offering, whilst ensuring we are delivering against the expectations of our customers.”

Holmwood concluded:

“Having the right contractors is vital for maintaining continuity and in driving customer service. I have every confidence that the BigChange Network will continue to be a key pillar for delivering sustainable growth, supporting the business and the customers we serve together.”

SES employee holding a BigChange mobile device

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