BigChange Improves Health and Safety for Aqualogic’s Mobile Workforce

Martin port

By Martin Port

17 December 2020

Water conservation specialist Aqualogic has deployed the latest mobile workforce management technology to help locate and manage millions of pounds of water company assets.

Supplied by BigChange, the cloud-based system provides a single platform solution which helps Aqualogic plan and route its team of engineers and respond to ad-hoc maintenance call outs. With complete visibility of the mobile operation Aqualogic has also improved health and safety for lone workers using automated risk assessments and real-time tracking, and the mobile app, called JobWatch, allows engineers to automatically share photographs, condition reports and usage data.

Aqualogic is also working with water companies to reduce their environmental impact with Water Efficiency Audits. Guided by the BigChange system, engineers survey a property’s water supply; collecting and recording relevant information, and make recommendations and even minor mends, to reduce water wastage.

Jonathan Adler, Commercial Director at Aqualogic commented:

“Water conservation is our passion and BigChange allows us to deliver our goals, BigChange is at the heart of everything we do from managing our relationships with water companies right the way through to ensuring the safety of our engineers operating in the field.”

“This has never been more important as we face restrictions on travel and visiting people’s homes. Using BigChange we have been able to put in place remote working and operating bubbles for our back office staff and have introduced new working practices to protect our field operatives with improved risk assessments.”

Prior to implementing BigChange Aqualogic had commissioned the development of their own works management solution. In use for several years the software did not evolve and upgrades to the system were expensive and time consuming.

Adler continued:

“Looking at the way we worked B4 BC (before BigChange) I now realise it simply isn’t practical for an SME like us to bear the burden of bespoke software, one of the great aspects of BigChange is it is continuously evolving – every time you log on there is a new feature or upgrade and this development is guided by thousands of users.”

Since implementing the JobWatch mobile app from BigChange, Aqualogic has introduced a number of new or improved working practices including evidence driven health and safety alerts, bespoke job cards and automated management reporting. Providing a single platform CRM, Job Scheduling, Mobile App, Tracking and Customer Portal, the BigChange solution allows Aqualogic to automate most of its routine communications – from daily schedules to customer quotes and water audit results to usage reports from in-field data loggers.


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