BigChange cost-effective trailer tracking optimises Elddis fleet

Martin port

By Martin Port

5 July 2016

Specialist logistics provider Elddis is transforming the efficiency of its transport operations with a trailer tracking solution from BigChange. Fitted to 300 trailers, the company are using the system to streamline servicing, measure fleet utilisation and manage trailer availability in-real time for blue-chip FMCG clients who have specific trailer availability measures within their overall service level agreements.

“Prior to the introduction of the trailer tracking solution from BigChange, we were reliant on manual daily checks and a spreadsheet that listed the location and journey history of each trailer. Locating individual trailers was a real challenge and the manual processes resulted in up to 4 hours of additional administration each day.” commented Richard Toner, Commercial Director at Consett based Elddis. “The trailer tracking solution from BigChange has completely automated this process and gives us true visibility across the operation.”

Elddis now receive real-time alerts when the number of trailers at a customer site drops below an agreed threshold, enabling them to rapidly make additional deliveries. One of their confectionary clients requires 7 trailers to be on site at any one time so the system is essential in responding rapidly to customer needs. Elddis also uses the solution to manage the servicing requirements of the trailer fleet, with a daily location report enabling the effective scheduling of routine activities and live tracking assisting with the rectification of defects and adherence to the company’s re-torque policy.

With sophisticated KPI reporting, Elddis is now receiving reliable data on trailer utilisation across the fleet, enabling robust and accurate capacity planning and streamlining of the trailer pool.

According to Commercial Director Richard Toner, Elddis evaluated a number of solutions but chose BigChange based on its superior user interface and hardware. “From the start we had total confidence in BigChange’s ability to deliver and our team favoured the easy and intuitive look and feel of the system. Our customers recognise and appreciate the added value that BigChange is helping us to deliver. In terms of return on investment, we expect the solution will be self-funding through better utilisation and reduction of the overall trailer pool.”

BigChange founder and CEO Martin Port added “The Elddis business is over 40 years old, with family heritage dating back over 100 and is the choice provider to some of the world’s most respected FMCG businesses. We look forward to continuing our partnership and providing Elddis with further benefits.”

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