BigChange Cleans Up With an All-In-One System for CleanSafe

Martin port

By Martin Port

1 December 2018

Emergency clean-up company CleanSafe has transformed its business with an end-to-end management system from BigChange.

The cloud-based system combines back office management, customer service and accounting functions with live fleet monitoring and the latest mobile working technology. CleanSafe field technicians have been equipped with rugged Samsung tablets running JobWatch; the BigChange system that provides apps for paperless mobile working.

Armed with JobWatch, 70 CleanSafe field technicians provide a 24/7 emergency cleaning and restoration service with a 2 hour response time. CleanSafe operates nationally from headquarters in Surrey with regional offices in Cannock, Manchester and Livingston. CleanSafe is part of the SafeGroup, who also operate waste management, pest control and Legionella prevention reactive and planned services.

CleanSafe has implemented BigChange as a complete management solution, handling the entire business process from customer call to invoicing. Calls are handled within a CRM application which in turn links a job scheduler and route planner, with allocated jobs being posted to the appropriate field resource. Jobs are listed on the technician’s tablet that provide navigation to site and apps for safety, job management and reporting; eliminating all paperwork.

Caroline Bigg, Finance Director, CleanSafe, comments:

“With BigChange we are completely paperless and that provides big benefits in efficiency and productivity.”

“We are a reactive business and the system helps considerably; our technicians no longer need to report to the office and during the day we can dynamically reschedule to optimise the mobile operation and improve response times.”

All CleanSafe vans are fitted with BigChange satellite tracking that not only provides real time location to keep customer services up to date on each job, but also allows driver monitoring to encourage safer driving.

Bigg explains:

“BigChange provides a wealth of data that we simply didn’t have before and that means we can closely monitor and improve our performance across the board.”

“BigChange is a true end to end solution with everything completely integrated and that is tremendously beneficial as it means we can work fast and efficiently; no more paper, no more data entry, fewer customer queries and quicker invoicing.”

Bigg adds:

“We reckon BigChange saves up to two hours a day that we previously spent trying to sort out the day’s work and administration. All in all that probably equates to an extra job a day for a number of our operatives. Annually that equates to over a million pounds of extra income.”

Previously with their paper-based system it used to take CleanSafe up to a week to raise invoices. Now with real time and accurate reporting from technicians at the end of a job, invoices can be raised within 24 hours.

Steve Broughton, CleanSafe’s Managing Director, says:

“The combination of tracking data, customer signature capture and before and after photographs mean that we have irrefutable evidence of every job completed. With the paperless, real time reporting we can invoice immediately and customers know what they will be invoiced. So from my perspective the biggest benefit of BigChange is simply that it allows us to invoice correctly and quickly and that means we get paid on time. It’s good for business”

Broughton adds:

“Large corporates typically spend hundreds of thousands of pounds developing their own IT systems to meet their business needs. What BigChange has done is built that system but for everyone. And it’s accessible and adaptable for different businesses. For SME’s this is fantastic as we can compete on a completely level planning field. We know that we can meet all of the business needs – from service delivery to compliance – with one affordable system.”

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