What Is Job Sheet Software: A Beginner’s Guide

Martin port

By Martin Port

3 February 2023


Luckily, there are ways this can be managed so much more easily. The solution? Job sheet software 👇

Specifically designed to streamline and optimise field management processes, job sheet software can help increase efficiency, productivity, and the bottom line

Given its power, we’re dedicating this blog to looking at the different types of job sheet software, key features to look for, and the many benefits of using this software in your business… All to help you find the right job sheet software for your needs.

Now, let’s get started!


Job sheet software is a type of digital tool that’s specifically designed to help field service businesses manage and streamline their work processes.


Essentially, it replaces traditional paper job sheets with a digital version. But going beyond this, it is also often used to create, assign, and track jobs, tasks, and projects — as well as to schedule and dispatch technicians and other field workers. 

What’s more, job sheet software can also include features such as:

  • Collaboration and communication tools
  • Data tracking and analysis
  • Customisation and integration options

… All of which can help field service businesses increase efficiency, productivity, and organisation.

To sum up: Job sheet software has become an essential tool for managing and optimising operations to boost profits.

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There are several types of job sheet software that businesses can choose from. These are the top three:

  1. Standalone job sheet software
  2. Cloud-based all-in-one job sheet software
  3. Mobile app-based job sheet software

#1: Standalone job sheet software

Standalone software offers a basic digital job sheet solution. This type of job sheet software is often aimed at small field service businesses that might be happy with less functionality.  

While it might be an improvement on a basic Excel spreadsheet, it is unlikely to give you the additional features you really need.

Sounds good for you? Here’s a little advice 👇

💡Top tip: Before choosing a standalone job sheet software, check whether it will integrate successfully with other software packages you are running in different parts of your business. Otherwise, it just becomes another silo tool to manage. And you miss out on better insight and automation.

#2: Cloud-based all-in-one job sheet software

As the name suggests, all-in-one software is designed to win more work, control every job, manage your remote workforce and get paid sooner – as well as digitising your job sheets.

Also, with an all-in-one solution you don’t need to worry about whether different software across your business will cooperate, as this type of job sheet software replaces it all.

Sounds like one for you? Not surprisingly, this is the most popular type for field service businesses. Here’s a quick tip 👇

💡Top tip: Look out for software that includes financial packages such as Sage and Xero. This gets rid of the need for double-keying. Speeds up invoicing by allowing automation and makes forecasting much easier too! And of course, this is better for cash flow.

#3: Mobile app-based job sheet software

This type of job sheet software is accessed and used through a mobile app that can be downloaded onto a smartphone or tablet. It is often used by field technicians and other workers who need to access job information and updates while on the go.

Actually, some all-in-one solutions really are all-in-one and include a mobile app as part of their offering (so if this option appeals, it might still be worth weighing up #2). This means that you can be sure that your office-based staff and your field workers can seamlessly communicate and access the same information and they can get quicker updates which is ideal for many reasons!

Quick heads up 👇

💡Top tip: Look for tools with push notifications to alert employees of new job assignments, updates and important messages.

As you can see, not all job sheet software is built the same. We might be biassed, but we really do believe an all-in-one solution is the best way forward. With that in mind, let’s look at some of the key features.


An all-in-one job sheet or job management software tool has many must-have features:

✅ Digital job sheets – to create templates to suit your branding and specific job or business requirements

✅ Job management and scheduling – to allow both back-office teams and field workers to see when jobs are booked in.

✅ Customer Relationship Management (CRM) – so all customer information is updated in one place, whilst allowing for self-serve on bookings.

✅ Real-time tracking – to instantly see where field workers are, as well as tracking stock and parts.

✅ Business intelligence – to track sales pipelines, profit margins, control cash flow, and produce financial reports.

✅ Finance management – easy integrations with systems like Sage and Xero make for quick and accurate invoicing, quotes and billing.

✅ Customisation and integration options – customers can be sent digital job sheets including certificates and pictures, as soon as the job is completed.

And why are all these features important? Let’s now look at the benefits.


Here’s just a short list of reasons why these features are must-haves when looking for a job sheet software provider:

  • Ensures all information is captured the first time
  • Reduces admin time and cost 
  • Rapidly access client information, on-site information and in real-time 
  • Increases efficiency and productivity
  • Improves organisation and time management 
  • Reduces paper usage and increases environmental sustainability
  • Improves health and safety compliance 

The last benefit is a BIG one for field service businesses as many work in highly regulated industries like gas safety and national security. For example, customisable forms enable you to make sure key compliance criteria are added to job sheets and PDF reports that are shared with clients.


Starting to feel like you need job sheet software? Excellent! Now, whilst we’ve listed the key features to look for, you’re going to want to iron a few things out internally to choose the right solution.

Step 1: Identify your business needs – What exactly do you need the solution for? This will help narrow down your options in step 2.

Step 2: Evaluate different software options – Weigh up the pros and cons of the standalone, all-in-one, and mobile options to see which suits your needs now, and for when you grow, as you don’t want your job sheet software to hold you back at a later date.

Step 3: Testing and demos – Most tools will offer this to let you try it out and get a feel for whether you like it. Always do this as it can be hard to tell from a website alone if a product is actually easy to use.

Step 4: Implementation and training – Having an easy-to-use tool makes training and adoption so much easier. Some tools even provide online training and help hubs.

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Streamline your operations and boost productivity with job sheet software

To sum up, job sheet software is a powerful tool that can help businesses streamline and optimise their work processes. 


Because it:

  • Allows for speedy growth, without additional administrators
  • Enables businesses to share information with customers immediately – especially important in pass/fail scenarios
  • Creates a professional look – as you can brand customer communications with templated documentation, emails and notifications

All of which can help businesses increase brand image, efficiency, productivity, and the bottom line 🚀

Whether you’re a standalone business or a larger field service business, there is a job sheet software option that can meet your needs. 

So if you’re looking to improve the way you manage your work and your team, consider giving job sheet software a try. It just might be the solution you’ve been looking for!

Better still, try our leading job sheet software. Trusted by hundreds, BigChange is built specifically for field service businesses to improve job scheduling, task management and resource allocation.

But don’t take our word for it, check out these case studies.

Or, dive straight in and book a demo right here today.

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