I am worried about the upcoming election. I am worried that this country is going to end up in stalemate, with four or five warring parties all taking a fraction of the vote and no clear majority.

We’ll be back to square one. Worse off than when Theresa May came to power. What a mess.

I’m not alone. Businesses across the UK are sick of all the uncertainty. We are weary of all the political jostling. It has begun to feel like there are only a hand full of genuine politicians left – here or anywhere in the world. Every day there is some new scandal, some ridiculous statement or a broken promise.

What worries me even more is that Labour is clearly growing in popularity. The latest poll shows that 25pc of voters are pro-labour. This compares to 21pc previously. Around 36pc of voters are for the Conservatives but numbers are dropping.

I know that I may get a lot of angry comments because I am sharing my political views (again) but I am compelled to speak. As the saying goes, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

I am an entrepreneur. I am also a Jew. I’m not going to talk about the anti-Semitism that is rife in Labour. I covered that in a previous post. I am going to ask a question instead: why is Labour so anti-business?

Business is what makes this country thrive. We trade. We pay our taxes. We employ people. Without business, there is just the state. I, for one, have no interest in living in a communist country. I believe in competition and the free market. I can’t emphasise enough how bad Labour would be for British business.

A few weeks ago, Labour’s Shadow Chancellor gave a speech about the economy, announcing his four-day working week policy. There was no praise of private enterprise. The Institute of Directors’ put it best, releasing a statement that read: “For a speech from the man who wants to be in charge of the economy, the word business was notable by its absence. Business confidence is already shaky, and directors are unlikely to feel more comfortable now.”

At BigChange, we are already at a 4.5-day week! I have pledged to get to four days by 2021. I don’t need government to tell me what’s best for my people.

Gone are the days where businesses were the bad guys, and at odds with their employees. Today, growing businesses do all they can to find and retain talent. That means treating them well, paying a good salary, and giving them all the benefits the company can afford. Government doesn’t need to intervene and Labour seems hellbent on reinforcing the old stereotype that companies are evil.

I give £300,000 a year to charity. I pay £3m a year in business taxes. We are growing, and about to take on another 60 people. All of this has been created from nothing. Don’t let Labour cripple businesses.

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