“I’m a Dell Hero”

I took my own path – Dell looks at how entrepreneurs use technology to solve their business problems

In 2009 I was approach by Dell, who were on the hunt for entrepreneurs who had taken risks and ‘taken their own path’ in life to create successful businesses, against all the odds. Dell knew about Masternaut, since we used their servers and technology at the Masternaut datacentres.

Dell’s vision was to launch a bold marketing campaign across the UK, showcasing how entrepreneurs had used their technology in an innovative way. Initially shortlisted amongst a whole group of entrepreneurs, I was chosen to be a Dell ‘Hero’ alongside people such as Tony Wheeler (founder of Lonely Planet) and Richard Reed (co-founder of Innocent Smoothies).

Dell launched ‘Take Your Own Path’ in October 2009 and was an incredible opportunity for both myself and my business. For the first time in my life, giant-sized versions of me were spotted in airports, railway stations, on bus shelters and on billboards all over the UK. The campaign was also launched online plus adverts in newspapers such as The Times, The Telegraph and The Guardian. Funnily enough – I appeared next to Cheryl Cole on one of the billboards. Then in 2010, I was invited to feature in the launch of the Australian version of the campaign – since we had recently opened an office in Sydney.

Taking part in Dell’s Take Your Own Path was an incredible experience. My message to other entrepreneurs and business people is to jump at the opportunities like this that your suppliers and partners can provide. PR really is an essential ingredient for your success.


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